Experts. Who needs them?

There’s been a lot of talk / chatter in the news over the last year or so about the general public reticence in trusting experts; who listens to them anyway? Everyone’s opinion is valid right? It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert in neuroscience, go ahead and share your views on gender differences. Got a view on the macroeconomic impact of Brexit – let’s hear it! That’s certainly how phone in radio and most comment sections of social media seem to work. It can be hard to distinguish real insightful knowledge, from the well informed amateur, from your Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

Experts in business; when to use them, when to do it yourself.

The same can be true when trying to start and grow your business. As you’re aware we’re a new business ourselves and have faced the same challenges that all new start-ups and growing business do; when to go it alone, when to ask for help, and whose help to trust.

We’ve noticed that our clients and target customers have gone through similar curves. You’re small so you think you have to do EVERYTHING yourself… Or you’ve been reasonably successful, you’ve a product or service that people want and have managed to reach a reasonable level, but seem to have hit a plateau and are not really sure where to go next. In both scenarios you need to consider a concept called opportunity cost; what’s the cost to your business of you spending time on things that are not core to what you do? What if the non core stuff takes you away from generating revenue, yet without it the cogs won’t turn? What if you do something yourself, but the result is less than desirable and can slow or harm growth. Well that’s the point to call for the experts.

Where to find them?

Most people trust personal recommendations, as most people want their friends and family to succeed, so initially a shout out for help to your own network is a great approach. But if your own network doesn’t come up trumps then what?

Google is your friend, but how to tell the excellent from the dross – well first of all, know exactly what you want, then find the best looking few and brief them well, get recommendations from their past clients and look to their past work.

This can be time consuming and exhausting, we’ve recognised this need within the marketing market; our Awesome Briefs utilise our knowledge of the market, coupled with the ability to ask the right questions which simplifies finding the right expert for you. We’re like your trusted personal network and offer a lower opportunity cost than doing it yourself.

Shout out to the Brief Marketing experts.

So for us as a marketing consultancy, it’s vital that all of our marketing materials are slick, yet our expertise is towards the strategy end of the marketing mix. We are no graphic designers!

We’re rightly proud of the propositions we offer (playing to our core strengths).

We love the Brand we’ve created (having had to work fast and pragmatically, when all the seemingly best names had gone) to reflect what we do.

However without searching for and using the following experts our overall image would be nowhere near as good as we think it is.

So for us in the order of our journey, a big thank you to the following experts.

Anna Keir, our accountant, who helped us with the legalities.

Jessica Landon (Charlotte’s sister in law) who designed our logo for free whilst on maternity leave. – You should see our own early efforts!

Sam from The Creative Donut to deliver us an amazing website.

James Harris, whose provided us with some top notch photography to use on our website and within our social media channels.

Who would you shout out as the experts who’ve helped you grow your business?


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