So you think you should do some marketing.  Adverts and stuff, right?

Nope.  It starts way before adverts.


You run your own business, you’ve built it up, found customers and now you want to take it to the next level, get some marketing support to get some more customers – do some adverts and stuff?

You’d not be alone in thinking that marketing is just about the colouring in and adverts, but you’d be missing a trick.  Advertising is a crucial element of the marketing mix but only a teeny tiny element, it starts much earlier than that.

If you’ve been thinking of your customers as you’ve been growing your business then you’ve been doing some implicit marketing already.

The Brief Marketing view is that marketing done properly is about really understanding and meeting your customer’s needs; from designing customer centric products and services, that they can find, get and use easily to being there for them when they need help or wish to say goodbye.


In reality marketing should inform every part of your business processes.

Marketing Is Business-ing


The following tools can be used by anyone to check and improve the quality of their marketing, to make sure they are putting the customer at the centre of their thinking and giving their business the best possible chance of succeeding.


The Customer Centric Marketing Wheel



We like how this tool can be used for both product marketing – for each product or service you offer, as well as helping to design your sales and marketing plans.




What you can do with this, today, to improve your business.


We have produced the following checklists based on the customer centric marketing wheel. Use them as a basis for thinking, collect all the answers in a document, check and see if there are any areas you are not currently considering.  Where are your current strengths and weaknesses?  What do you need to change?  What do you need to do more of?


What if you don’t have the time, inclination (or patience) for a marketing checklist?


We can help on whatever basis works for you.  People who are short on time and just want the right answer, with no messing about, are our favourites to work with.  We can do anything from a review of your current activity and recommendations on what actions will give you the best returns, to sorting out a specific headache (eg your website might be a few versions out of date, or you might be a bit unclear on how to get more revenue from your existing clients).  We’ll swoosh in, conduct whatever you’ve asked for, and then get out of the way.  Brief Marketing by name and nature.

If you’d rather learn more about this and other tools that you can apply on your own then book on to one of our Brief Encounter workshops, where we will help you work through the tools so that you leave with both new skills and a worked example of how to use them in your business.

A capability boost just when you need it

Brief Marketing

Brief Marketing

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