Co-founder, Marketeer, Geek & Hockey Nut

Co-founder Charlotte, marketeer, geek, hockey & crochet nut, parent and babywearing advocate is passionate about passing on her knowledge to help others be the best they can be.

Charlotte has worked in telecoms & IT across varying roles from Unix support through strategy to Senior Marketer; in companies big and small, national and international both in the UK, and across the world. These include ICL, Vodafone UK, Vodafone Group, Vodafone New Zealand and consultancy for Ntegra Ltd.

Charlotte is particularly adept at getting to the nub of the customer need, having used and created effective segmentation approaches to ensure maximum success in proposition delivery.

She spent several years as the Mrs Christmas of Vodafone UK, designing and delivering Christmas marketing plans including defence against a competitor launch of iPhone. She was also responsible for designing a new customer centric price plan that required cooperation from all board members to achieve and delivered connections 20% above target and the number 1 spot for new connections. She created the family based proposition that launched 2 months prior to a key competitor again delivering significant market advantage.

Her favourite work experience was pitching Blackberry to the 4 chiefs of staff of the New Zealand army.

Finding, briefing and managing just the right specialist for you.


Co-founder, Mum, Scout Leader & Relentless Fixer

Jo has worked across the spectrum of customer engagement; from selling mobile phones on the shop floor for Vodafone Retail via segmenting the market and running off-portal mobile content for Vodafone Corporate to being the Head of Customer and Market Intelligence in the Vodafone UK boardroom. After a family break she then went back to the shop floor with the award winning Lush Cosmetics and also held various consulting assignments along the way. Most recently she has been working as Head of Marketing with the relatively new and highly successful local business CVM People.

She always puts the source of revenue, the customer, front and centre in decision making. Jo is particularly skilled in strategy development and implementation, and in using employee engagement as the way to effect change.

A particularly memorable Vodafone experience was when she sent away a customer happy who’d initially come into the shop so irate they had threatened her with a gun.

She would generally rather be camping, and when she’s not she is busy making as much fun as she can in whatever she’s doing instead.

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