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About our client

Ntegra are a medium sized IT consultancy based in Swindon and serve a broad range of larger medium sized enterprises and corporates around the world. They pride themselves on being IT experts and champions of innovation, combining their broad spectrum of knowledge, capabilities and skills so their clients can maximise the value of their IT. Whatever stage a client is at with their IT project delivery or transformation Ntegra can help.  They have a reputation for excellent delivery as well as business acumen and are often called in to rescue failing projects from other systems integrators. Innovation by Ntegra (formally Ntegra Greenside) sets them apart from other IT consultancies of their scale. Innovation by Ntegra is a complete programme for IT leaders to keep their knowledge current, give them early adopter advantage, plan their roadmaps and solve problems.

What was the problem?

Ntegra found themselves at a point in their lifecycle where organic growth and leads from personal networks were insufficient to grow to the next stage.  They had developed a new business strategy and committed to ambitious growth plans with their shareholders.  They had key differentiators which were not being fully exploited, as well as some risks, relating to their brand perception and consistency that were limiting their success at implementing their plans.

What did we do?

Case Study: Ntegra, IT Consultancy - Brief MarketingOur initial meeting was with the CEO who had some thoughts on what Ntegra needed from a marketing perspective but acknowledged that they didn’t have the capacity or expertise to do much about it.  Subsequently Ntegra employed an Account Director, with the responsibility for producing a sales and marketing plan the whole of Ntegra would get behind. We came back and had an in-depth discussion with the new Director on what the critical issues were. 

Case Study: Ntegra, IT Consultancy - Brief Marketing

Having gained clarity on the business objectives and problems to solve, we used our marketing planning workshop process, designing, delivering and facilitating two workshops, one week apart, where we took all the key stakeholders through the creation of a marketing plan that was truly theirs, in a systematic but flexible way.  The stakeholder set is critical in this process, and in this case included board members and business unit owners as well as the CTO and HR director, to gain a wide variety of input, identify dependencies and foster ownership.

Case Study: Ntegra, IT Consultancy - Brief Marketing

The focus of the first workshop was the Why and What of Marketing; it combined an in-depth view of their customers, with an external perspective of their business to make progress on proposition and messaging clarity. Consequently, each business owner had homework to fully articulate their business unit’s proposition, to kick off the second workshop focussing on the How of Marketing.

We flexed the workshop format to dedicate a significant amount of time to focus on proposition definition and external messaging, allowing space for healthy conflict to be uncovered and resolved: navigating this required experienced facilitation and adaptation of the workshop exercises and timings. 

The final exercise was to pull together all the actions captured into a pragmatic marketing plan, with timings and ownership for each action, for delivery by Ntegra.

Case Study: Ntegra, IT Consultancy - Brief MarketingWhat was the outcome?

Ntegra worked hard in the sessions, making some crucial decisions throughout the process relating to their external positioning and how to maximise their assets more fully. As a joint team we identified the key areas that would make a difference to their business objectives and practical actions they could implement straight away. A week later we delivered the written up plan for the next 12 months, with specific tasks and responsibilities already allocated.

We checked in with the team 3 months later to see how implementation was coming along. This is what Ben Gosset had to say:

As a leadership team, we now review our marketing plan on a weekly plan to track progress and what has been delivered so far. We all own our individual tasks and as a team understands how they can contribute to both own personal objectives and what impact that has on the business as a whole. Our plan has had an impact on all areas of the business, for example, we identified that getting customer feedback and generating case studies was critical to not only selling our services but improving them. So we have adjusted our operational process and incorporated this to be part of our project close procedure.

In the last 3 months we have developed a marketing content calendar and put in place a process to generate and publish content which is all relevant to the USP’s we want to communicate to our clients and links directly to the problems which we are solving for them.

We have changed the way we communicate what we do and our capabilities in a way which makes it easier for our clients to understand and relate to. We have built a case study archive which covers over the 20 different use cases and clients needs. We have drawn up and agreed on a target client list which allows us to have a more focused and targeted approach to business development. We have changed our employee on-boarding process to give new hires an understanding of how we position ourselves and how they can practically help and contribute to our growth objectives. We have adjusted the job titles of some of our employees so it easier for our clients to understand what we do and how they will be able to help. We have harvested testimonials from our clients to be able to communicate why our clients, work with us and what we do well. The list goes on…..suffice to say we have a practical but ambitious plan which all of our team have bought into in order to help us drive growth as a business.”

Lovely things Ntegra have said about working with us:

“What stood out for me, working with Jo and Charlotte, was their ability to be completely objective and bring a true client and customer perspective that we just couldn’t have achieved without them. 

The other area where they really impressed me was their facilitation skills.  They got us to work as a cohesive management team, allowing space for debate and differing opinions while manoeuvring  us towards a marketing strategy that everyone agreed with, had been party to the rationale and decision making and are invested in owning and delivering. 

They promised me a marketing strategy that would give us tangible actions to move towards our business objectives, that everyone would want to implement, and they absolutely delivered.”

Ben Gosset, Client Account Director



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