RMR Homes Case Study

About RMR Homes

RMR Homes are an award winning bespoke home remodelling company based in Berkshire. They provide a complete service from design through to finish, including cabinetry hand-built by their master craftsmen in Crowthorne, to home owners across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and London.

A 3rd generation family firm, they work hard to maintain a company culture which embeds family values and excellence and treat their entire team of 30 well.

Their customers truly love them for delivering individual, personalised bespoke family homes that are designed to work specifically for them on a practical level as well as being aesthetically beautiful.


What was the problem?

RMR Homes were frustrated with the cost of their marketing and felt it was not achieving any tangible benefit.  They wanted to know if we could do better.


What did we do?

We met with the team, and asked a lot of questions: about their business, their past activities, their customers and their work.  We discussed their business objectives and what they wanted to achieve from any investment in marketing.Brief Marketing Basingstoke Hampshire SME small business contract specialist startup

From the two hour meeting we devised a basic customer centric, prioritised marketing plan covering the next 12 months.  This included:

  • our understanding of their customers
  • considerations for their brand and product offering,
  • tweaks to their operations to make them more customer focused,
  • a marketing communications and channel plan as well as a customer relationship marketing plan.

After 2 months, their business objectives shifted and so we revised the plan. The updated plan included marketing activities to support lead validation / generation, prestige building and location specific activities. We ensured that the entire team was on board with the new focus of activities and approach.

In 6 months we have:

  • Delivered a pragmatic marketing strategy, tailored to their business objectives.
  • Conducted several forms of customer research to back the plan.
  • Migrated their website to a new high quality affordable provider (The Creative Donut), and made updates when available.
  • Created a social media communications strategy, compiled a comprehensive social media asset bank for content, added in Instagram and Pinterest to their existing Facebook and Twitter Social Media channels. Joined relevant local Facebook groups in which to share / respond to recommendations for architect / builder requests.
  • Updated documents and policies to come in line with GDPR legislation.
  • Created an awards calendar and entered them for 4 awards, of which they were finalists in all 4 and won 2, (Build 2018 Real Estate and Property Awards, Best Home Remodelers – South East England), Maidenhead and Windsor Business Awards 2018, Best Company to work for.
  • Added in Houzz as a new sales channel.
  • Configured Mailchimp and used it to communicate with their customer base on numerous occasions.


What was the outcome?

  • RMR Homes have gained national and local recognition from their success in winning awards from Build and Maidenhead and Windsor Business.  The team are enjoying the external recognition of the quality that they work hard to deliver.
  • Website SEO has improved and page impressions have increased with no advertising spend.
  • Social media is driving a third of the traffic to the website despite not being a core focus.
  • Their marketing spend has reduced significantly, and activities are more focused, supporting their business objectives and based on customer insight.
  • Their order books are very healthy for the coming year.


What’s next?

RMR have asked us to remain and become their part time Marketing Director, and increased the proportion of our time allocated to them each month so that we can progress their plan more rapidly. A strategic review with the RMR team has agreed the focus for the next 6 months, so look out for an updated website, amended physical assets (signage, vans, etc) and more awards!


Lovely things RMR Homes have said about working with us:


Charlotte and Jo have impressed me with how well they listen. They really understand what we are trying to achieve and what needs to be done, and work out ways to better promote my business, rather than just eating up the budget.  The ideas they come up with are implemented well.  They are always prompt and well prepared.  I’m really quite impressed with what they have achieved for us over the last 6 months.

Raki Rakovan, Manging Director


Brief Marketing (Charlotte and Jo) are a great team to work with and we have done so for the last six months. Their eye and attention to detail shows in their presentation and all the things that they have prepared and achieved for us.

Their ideas and strategies are unique and practical and have made a great impression on our business. We are looking forward to the next six months!

 Julie Bennett, Director



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