Master Your Marketing reflections

Back in October, 3rd and 17th to be precise, we ran our new seminar/workshop for small businesses to help them Master their Marketing. – This was an updated version of the Sales and Marketing plan in a day workshop we’d run previously.

Master Your Marketing reflectionsThis time we did things a little differently. We brought on board a super duper collaborator – Sociable Suzy, who gave a great overview of all things social media, and delivered her cracking Sociable Suzy Surgeries on a 1 to 1 basis as part of the nitty gritty of Marketing Communications on day 2. We split the content over 2 days based on feedback we’d had previously from both private consultations as well as previous delegates. The first day was to cover the Why and the What of Marketing, including, Customers, Brand, Competitors, Product and Service, Operations, whilst the second was to cover the How of Marketing; Marketing Communications (the bit everyone thinks of), Sales Channels and Customer Relationship Marketing.

We had 6 diverse and totally fabulous businesses attend, ranging from; as yet to launch start-ups to well established businesses, single person operators to directors of significant teams, product businesses and service businesses, selling online or via bricks and mortar! They all happened to be business to consumer (b2c) this time – but we’ve helped substantial business to business (b2b) businesses in the past.

So why did they sign up for Master Your Marketing?

They all had a common need to grow their businesses and to develop a clear plan. The majority did not have anyone in their business running their marketing for them, so they needed help and clarity, and pragmatic actions they could execute themselves. And how did they find us? One via Eventbrite, the rest we’d met through networking.

And what did they do over the 2 days?

Master Your Marketing reflections Master Your Marketing reflectionsMaster Your Marketing reflections Master Your Marketing reflections  Master Your Marketing reflections

They worked HARD! They checked their understanding of marketing, then covered 8 category areas and 10 worksheets, with colour coded post-it notes, (I do love a post-it note). There was just enough time to think in-depth about who their customers are and what they want and need, and about all the aspects of their business that plays to that. There were several Ah-hah moments, creation or refinement of messaging, tweaks to products, tweaks to processes, plans made, friends made and pragmatic input from the 3 experts in the room as well as from the fellow business owners. (We ensure there’s enough time to share in pairs or small groups). And we had a lot of fun; there may have been the odd game of creative creatures, Mallet’s mallet, story telling and Lego create and perhaps a few more pulled from our box of brain awakening tricks.

Think of it as, 2 days dedicated to gaining real business insight and leaving with renewed enthusiasm and pragmatic plans.

And the results?

Well on the day we asked for anoymised feedback, and here are a few of our favourites:

“THIS IS GENIUS… I am CLEARER now than I have ever been and have the confidence to bravely go forward.”

“I loved the well structured and detailed approach, as well as the passion and expertise you bring to the table. Loved every minute of it and are very excited to implement the plan”

“Loved it so much. Excellent content – delivered to a superb standard. It has helped me to get my head in order and to step back and see the bigger picture. I now have clarity!

“I realized my important messages & goals kept coming up & how I needed to focus and shout about them.”

“Absolutely amazing – so helpful to get expert advice and discussing ideas. Got some great ideas and answers to my marketing questions.”

So What?

Feedback on the day is all well and good, but have these business owners seen success a month on? Charlotte has spoken to a couple of them so far and one told her that one of the actions has led to her Instagram followers tripling with tangible orders off the back of it, along with a change to the customer experience meaning she’s selling bolt-on products more easily.

Another has the plan in their office and is sharing it with their team. They’ve implemented a significant change to the layout of their bricks and mortar store and seen linger and browse time increase, and sales improve as a direct consequence of having the confidence and customer centric reasoning to make this change.

Let’s leave the final quote to Harriet France, Director from Jeremy France Jewellers.

Master Your Marketing reflectionsBrief Marketing made me realise what makes my company so amazing. Not only this, they helped me focus on how and who we sell to and how to communicate to them!

Before going I felt that ‘marketing’ was just publishing a newspaper advert or social campaign. They helped me realise how we can better continue to market our business to customers in all manners of avenues with lots of helpful tools and sheets that are still being referenced in my office! They helped me focus my ideas into realistic timelines and not set myself up for failure by trying to do it all at once!
Their two day course allows time to focus and reflect between meetings and I cannot recommend them enough!



Interested in attending our Next Master your Marketing workshop 12 & 26 March 2020?


Brief Marketing

Brief Marketing

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