It’s been a while and we thought we could hear you asking what we’ve been up to.  Either way, we’re about to tell you what we’ve up to, so… what’ve we been up to?
Since our official launch in February, we’ve managed to fit quite a lot in. Other than being community volunteers, parents with primary responsibility for the school run and households, our start up business is going well. We just need to somehow invent a time turner and all our, “OMG it’s 2:45pm – where has the day gone” problems will be gone!  

Launch and business development 


We launched our website in February, to friends and family and past colleagues. Thank you to all those who sent messages of support, it was heart-warming to know that you wish us well.   

We updated our social profiles, to reflect our lovely new brand logos, shiny new propositions and started doing some social posts (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter) – we’ll be looking to employ someone to manage that as soon as our own growth allows!  


We designed our first Brief Encounter, ‘Marketing plan in a day’, a brilliant day involving a roaring fire, blank sheets of A4 and lots and lots of lovely post-it notes. We chose The Dove Inn at Micheldever station as our first venue due to its great food, good prices and enough wall space! 

We had a stark reminder of the importance of loving life, when Jo attended the funeral of a dear friend and former colleague, Marianne Muir – someone much loved and respected by many of our past colleagues. If anyone would like to donate to McMillan Nurses in her memory, then please find the just giving link here 

We signed up to The Basingstoke Business B2B Expo, sourced material for our stand, and met other fantastic local businesses during their training hour, one of whom, Abstract Print and Design, we employed to produce our flyers for the expo, and course materials for our Brief Encounters.  Nothing beats meeting people and buying local! 

A Brief Encounter, the Basingstoke Business Expo and our first retained client


Mad as a March Hare – that’s certainly how we felt after holding our first Brief Encounter, Marketing plan in a day, with 4 friendly businesses. We had a mixed group of companies both B2B and B2C, and at different phases of their development. Attendees included an expert leadership development company, a yet to be launched café, a company that imports and sells Italian coffee, and another who design and make bespoke wedding dresses.  


It was a long intense day, we worked the participants HARD, but everyone left with a pragmatic marketing plan for the coming year covering all elements of the customer centric marketing wheel. We got some cracking feedback and most importantly everyone had fun.  

On our stand at the Basingstoke Business Expo we met lots of local businesses and engaged and interested delegates. Meeting Basingstoke royalty, the Mayor and Mayoress, was a highlight. Oh and we managed to get some free coverage into the Basingstoke Business Observer.

We landed an ongoing Brief Engagement client. We’re delighted to be working for RMR Homes on their marketing strategy and implementation.  They are a truly impressive business that specialise in complete home renovation, if you want an exquisitely tailored home that works for you and you’re based in or around the Windsor area check them out!  

Holidays, networking and pitching 


The School Easter Holidays! Charlotte managed to take her family skiing for the first time in years, whilst Jo did client work (Thank you!), Then Jo made progress on some DIY whilst Charlotte covered the client work. We love the fact that the two of us means we can juggle the school holidays much more easily than if we were by ourselves as well as having complimentary styles and skills.  


Pitching to a large corporate on a fun looking discrete project was a blast from the past. We know full well that there will be several hurdles to overcome to win the project, but the initial feedback has all been positive. (Nothing like good feedback to give a small company a boost).  

Networking: We started to join a few real life and Facebook networking groups, and have been meeting some amazing people. We adore The Hampshire Women in Business group, met some great people at the Basingstoke 4N session as guests and are yet to check out The Chamber of Commerce, BNI and many of the others. 

GDPR deadline fast approaching 


So we’re into May, and only now getting around to GDPR – we know it’s last minute! It’s been on our radar for ages – but there have been more urgent things to be cracking on with. With the 25th May deadline looming we’ve created our privacy statement and GDPR policy on our website, and emails requesting your explicit consent to stay in touch.  


The Future…  


So far we’ve had a blast, and the reasons we started seem to be holding true; to use our considerable complimentary skills to help small and medium size businesses grow, whilst still managing a family life, our voluntary commitments and to have fun whilst juggling it all.  Onwards and upwards! 

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Brief Marketing

Brief Marketing

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