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Hello? Are we on?

It seems we have only gone and launched a business. After gaining (between us) 4 degrees, working in 3 countries, in 29 different roles, having 4 babies, 14 hobbies and many, many, conversations about how much we would enjoy working together: we did it.

So our first blog post…

..is all about the 7 Ways To Know which… Top 10 Tips you should use to… Take a Quiz to find out… What Kind Of. No. Of course it isn’t!

That’s exactly the kind of faff we don’t have time for. And this is simply a short story about how we ended up starting Brief Marketing.

Once upon a time…

Charlotte and I first met in the early noughties, at that point already a touch unusual in being:

  1. Female science graduates
  2. Females in a tech company
  3. Selected onto Vodafone’s elite Global Leadership Programme, designed to stretch and nurture future directors.

Our paths occasionally crossed over the years but it was as we both began families and worked on a voluntary basis teaching parents how to use baby slings and carriers that we realised that our joint skills could be useful to lots of people.


Fast forward through many cups of coffee, glasses of wine and a lot of post it notes and here we are!



We’ve taken what the local market needs (lots of growing small businesses, lacking in time, budget or expertise) and what we have loads of (experience, pragmatism and flexible availability) and packaged it into this lovely set of propositions.



What we are doing is cutting through nonsense and helping businesses perform better, and we pride ourselves on leaving them with the knowledge and confidence to keep improving. We also like to have fun and require good black coffee!

We have been busy with a couple of Brief Engagements already, one of which included an Awesome Brief. You can join us at a Brief Encounter on March 9th, and we’ll be on stand 13 at the Basingstoke Business Expo at the Apollo Hotel on March 22nd (with a special offer for visitors).

We’ve introduced ourselves – over to you

Please do get in touch and introduce yourselves.  Small businesses of Hampshire and surrounding areas: we are looking forward to working with you!

A dose of brutal honesty from a couple of no-nonsense marketing experts

Brief Marketing

Brief Marketing

Quite fond of post-it notes.